Choose Your Geodesic Dome

Determine Your Use

Domes are incredibly versatile. Finding just the right dome for you starts with deciding whether you are looking for a Greenhouse Grow Dome or a Glamping Dwelling Dome. While they are both structurally identical, which Dome Kit you choose will narrow your list of available options and finishes.

Size Matters

Kustom Domes come in 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, and 10m diameters.  Let us help you find the right size for you.

Greenhouse Grow Domes

For Grow Domes, larger domes are useful for hanging a multitude of plants from the steel frame while still providing ample floor space for raised growing beds, potted plants, and even small trees.

Glamping/Dwelling Domes

The ultra-portable 4M (~13 foot) diameter Dome is perfect for an intimate backyard retreat or to create a personal “he/she shed.” 

For overnighting, the 5M (~16 foot) diameter Dome is big enough to accommodate a small bed within a cozy living space. This is also a great size for a creative workspace or private office.

The 6M (~20 foot) diameter Dome is the gold standard for luxurious Glamping.  These domes can be easily sectioned into a semi-private bedroom with a sizable separate living area and even a small bathroom or kitchenette. With a peak floor-to-ceiling height of 11 feet, you can even add a sleeping loft to accommodate guests.

Our roomy 8M (~26 foot) diameter Dome is amazingly versatile. The spacious interior can accommodate a variety of floorplans with multiple room configurations and plenty of living space. You can even add a partial second level to increase your overall useable square footage. These units make great vacation homes, tiny houses, or ADRs.

Massive, yet still portable, the 10M (~32 foot) diameter Dome has a maximum ceiling height of over 16 feet which allows for the construction of a complete second level. This Dome can easily accommodate a separate living area, kitchen, bathroom, and multiple bedroom floorplans, making it perfect for use as a temporary residence or vacation home for the entire family.

Make it Your Own with Accessories and Add-Ons

When we say “Kustom,” we mean it.  You choose the accessories and add-on features that turn your Dome 100% unique and personalized for YOU

We have a variety of options that add function and personality to your Dome. Choose between porthole glass windows or roll-up PVC windows with screens. Our optional skylights bring the outdoors in, while our bay window curtains give you the privacy you need. 

If you’re using your dome as a small business office or residence, you may opt for a traditional doorframe that gives your Dome a more polished look. We also offer an optional chimney flange and powerful solar ventilation fan ensuring your comfort and safety.

Completing Your Order

Once you’ve added your Dome and optional accessories to your Cart, just submit your order. Our professional sales team will contact you within 2 business days to personally review and confirm all of the details of your order and make sure you’re getting the exact Dome and accessories you need.

Pick Your Colors & Design Your Layout

Once we have spoken to you on the phone and reviewed your order we will send you a questionnaire so that you can pick the color of your Dome liner and curtain if applicable. We will ask you questions about your addons & accessories, and give you the opportunity to let us know where you want them placed so that we can create a scale rendering of your Geodesic Dome to make sure that every accessory is correctly placed according to your intended design

PVC Cover Colors

Insulated Liner Colors

Bay Window Curtain Colors

Approve Your Finished Design

Once you have received your visual mock-up and have approved it’s design you will be forwarded our purchase agreement for your review and signature.

Relax & Let Us Do The Rest

The hard part’s over. You’ve made your choices, you’ve crafted your custom Dome and it is our turn to do our part. Production will begin immediately and your dome will be ready for delivery within 60 to 90 days. Take the time to plan out where you’re going to put your Geodesic Dome and prepare the space so that it’s ready when your Custom Dome arrives. Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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