Glamping is all the rage with travelers, and Instagram is filled with photos of carefree travelers lounging under geodesic domes, watching starry night skies or simply taking in the scenery. These domes create serious cases of FOMO, and they are the hottest new trend in travel. Investing in geodesic glamping domes is an excellent way to make extra cash with relatively little work.

Succeeding With a Geodesic Dome Tent Glamping Business

As with any real estate-based business, location is key. If you have a property with excellent dark sky exposure for some epic starry sky vistas, you’re in business. Does your property have views of the Northern Lights? Perhaps a snowy landscape that gives off an igloo-type feel? Farmland with roaming animals? A geodesic dome would be the perfect solution that would bring visitors flocking to your property and bring in big bucks to your business.

Who Books Geodesic Domes?

Your target customer for geodesic domes is young travelers between the ages of 22 and 30. Think of the Pinterest and Instagram crowd. Geodesic dome trips look great on social media and will make them the envy of their friends. These glamping domes look expensive, even though they’re not. Their friends, in turn, will want to enjoy the same luxury experience, making these a great investment.

Building vs. Buying a Geodesic Dome

One of the major considerations when it comes to starting a geodesic dome Airbnb is whether to build one or buy a pre-made dome. Building a geodesic dome requires a fair bit of skill. You will need the right foundation, the proper components to keep it watertight, and the most durable materials to help it withstand the elements. It can take weeks to build one, and finding the right parts for its construction can be a bit tricky.

geodesic dome tent glampingMost people choose to purchase a custom-built dome for their Airbnb business. The reason for this is simple. The time it takes to build your own dome will cut into the time you can start earning a profit from it. Some seasons are better than others when it comes to rentals. If you want to take advantage of the summer high season, it pays to order your dome early so that it’s ready for you in time for booking season. Airbnb guests love these domes, but they tend to avoid them in the winter. You will need to book every day of the summer season to make up for the winter slump if you are in a cooler region of the country. If you are in Florida, Arizona, or Southern California, however, you’ll probably see a surge in bookings during the winter months, so it pays to plan accordingly.

Your custom dome builder can add in elements like skylights, porthole glass windows, traditional door frames, and solar ventilation fans.

How Much Can You Earn With a Glamping Dome Airbnb Business

Many aspiring business owners wonder how much they can earn running a glamping dome business. The answer that it depends. A geodesic dome appeals to a certain type of traveler—one that seeks a unique travel experience and is willing to pay for it. It also appeals to younger travelers who may have a little more in the way of disposable income. Prices for geodesic dome rentals tend to be higher than that of a traditional Airbnb stay, simply because they are rare and unique. If you have a location that is far from city lights, you can appeal to dark sky fanatics and charge a premium for stargazing experiences.

Because they require little maintenance, these domes make excellent investments for a low-cost, high-income solution.

Ways to Market Your Geodesic Glamping Dome Business

If you list your new dome on Airbnb, the site does the marketing work for you. You can, however, add in a compelling description to make people more likely to book your space than the others available in your area. You can market it as a creative workspace for a writer or artist who needs a private space in which to focus. Appeal to people who want to get back to basics by describing it as off-grid, rustic or serene.

Another customer base to market to is people who are trying out a tiny home living before making a permanent purchase. If your dome is outfitted with a kitchenette, sleeping loft or small bathroom include this in your description to appeal to tiny home dwellers. Offer discounts for a month-long stay that will allow them to test out the lifestyle for more than a few nights.

Finally, your adventure lovers will be compelled to book with you when you describe the other amenities your property offers. Do you have live farm animals on your property? A family of alpacas? A community kitchen that allows them to interact with other travelers? These are all amenities that will make them more likely to book your location for their next adventure.

How to Choose a Custom Glamping Dome Company

When you start looking for glamping domes for sale, you will come across many companies that promise they can deliver the structure you need. Because dome glamping is an emerging trend, there are a lot of companies springing up overnight that promise quality product. Finding a good company that guarantees its work is a bit more of a challenge.

Look for a company that offers upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Some companies make you email them to get a quote, then later tack on a ton of fees that end up costing you more than you expected and cutting into your profits. Secondly, look for companies that offer free shipping and components that can easily fit onto the back of a trailer and transported all over the country.

We are the industry leader in geodesic domes and can customize one for your unique needs. Whether you are looking to build an Airbnb business or simply rent them out for long-term tenants, we work quickly and effectively to make your dreams a reality. Call us today to get started.