Building Domes

Popularized in the 1950s by renowned American architect, designer, and thinker, Buckminster Fuller, the geodesic dome quickly gained a reputation as a viable alternative to traditional construction methods for its structural integrity, versatility, and cost-efficiency.

The geodesic dome’s unique “omnitriangulated” surface creates a structure that is extremely strong in relation to its weight, capable of bearing surprisingly heavy loads, and stable in adverse weather conditions. Additionally, because the spherical shape encloses the greatest volume within the least surface area, domes are incredibly space-efficient.

Today, the skyrocketing costs of new construction, booming interest in off-grid living, and the “tiny home” movement have all led to a resurgence of interest in the practicality of geodesic domes for residential, commercial, and recreational use.

Geodesic domes are:

  • Energy-efficient: Since spheres enclose more volume with less surface area, with good insulation, a dome can maintain temperature by slowing the loss of indoor temps. Additionally, round spaces circulate air better for improved passive heating and cooling.
  • Cost-efficient:  Geodesic domes use 30% fewer building materials than a comparable traditional building.
  • Setup Time: Building a geodesic dome can be done with as few as two people and doesn’t require expensive tools or special skills.
  • Esthetically appealing: The geometrical symmetry of the dome is not only highly functional but visually pleasing. Geodesic domes are thought to have calming properties and are often preferred for mediation spaces or spiritual retreats.
  • Easy to Maintain: A well-constructed, quality geodesic dome can withstand harsh weather and adverse conditions better than an equivalent cube construction due to its natural wind resistance and exceptional load-bearing capability.
  • Versatile:
    • Geodesic Tiny Homes
    • Outbuildings and extra storage space
    • Glamping Domes as “She Sheds” or “Man Caves”
    • Office/Small Business spaces
    • Geodesic Dome Glamping
    • Geodesic Dome Green House or Grow Dome